A Glimpse Into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna

Passion can be a nebulous concept. It is a concept that many people strive to define and find, but people can often search their whole lives before they discover their passion. Dr. Mark McKenna is somebody who has found multiple passions in his life – medicine, entrepreneurship, and real estate –  and he has tied all three of them together in his passion project OVME (pronounced “Of Me”).

OVME Dr. S Mark Mckenna OVME is a retail aesthetics company that looks to connect people with skilled healthcare providers via technology. Dr.McKenna is able to effectively knit together his passion for medicine and entrepreneurship, as OVME is a platform that unites consumers and healthcare professionals. Dr. McKenna’s road to creating a medical technology company began with his father, who was a doctor and inspired him to pursue medicine, where he completed medical school at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans. Although Dr. McKenna now lives and works in Atlanta, he still feels a strong affinity for New Orleans and its strong and vibrant community.

A Real Estate Maven – Choosing Business Over Medicine

Dr. McKenna’s roots in New Orleans lay with his burgeoning real estate business, called McKenna Venture Investments. During his early professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna focused a significant amount of his efforts on building up a real estate company. As his company expanded, he bought out competitors until his company had dozens of employees. With his company thriving, his success came to a sudden halt when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. This devastating hurricane wiped out many of Dr. McKenna’s properties and leading him to question the long-term future and sustainability of his real estate ventures.

His concerns were also heightened by an awareness that the mortgage crisis was probably looming. Banks were also willing to write gigantic loans for under-qualified buyers. Dr. McKenna understood that this would trigger uncertainty. It is fundamentally difficult to succeed in a business that is plagued by uncertainty.

These issues, coupled with Dr. McKenna’s genuine love for medicine and being an effective and outspoken advocate for patients (particularly those who are vulnerable), finally led him back to medicine.

A Change of Direction – Wellness and Aesthetics

After playing an important role in rebuilding infrastructure in New Orleans following the hurricane devastation, Dr. McKenna realized that he needed a change.

Never one to take a passive approach to a challenge, Dr. McKenna saw significant opportunities in the medical sector and he jumped back in. He was filled with optimism and hope for what he and his future team could achieve, particularly given booming technology and shifting demands in the medical sector.

After leaving the real estate sphere Dr. McKenna looked at disruptive companies, such as Uber, as models for OVME’s growth. He similarly highlighted Bloomberg’s founder, Michael Bloomberg, as one of his business idols. Uber and Bloomberg have been able to identify both consumers’ preferences and technology and see how these two factors can dovetail into an ideal client experience.

Dr. McKenna wanted to bring these same concepts to his new venture, a project that morphed and grew into OVME.

A Patient Advocate

Dr. Mark MCkenna OVME

OVME, and its founder, Dr. McKenna, recognize that more and more Americans are embracing elective cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics as part of their daily lives. A significant percentage of women — and men, as well — are now getting botox on a regular basis and many of these people are starting at a younger age. These clients want to go to a provider or clinic that offers these services in a safe and comfortable setting.

At the same time, as a busy father and entrepreneur with lots of hobbies, Dr. McKenna understands that people’s lives are packed full of commitments and responsibilities. It is often hard for these people to carve out time for elective procedures. Botox often has to take a backseat to work and family life commitments.

However, Dr. McKenna and his team are working hard to find ways to work around these time constraints. Dr. McKenna understands that by finding effective solutions to these challenges he will be able to significantly boost revenue (this is good for both Dr. McKenna and his initial strategic investors) and upgrade clients’ experiences. Ultimately, Dr. McKenna’s focus is always on the client’s experience at the clinic. He prides himself on outstanding communication skills and the ability to listen and understand patient concerns. This allows him to advocate successfully on his patients’ behalf.

Patient advocacy is only one thing that separates Dr. McKenna from many of his peers. His entrepreneurial bent also benefits patients.

For example, Dr. McKenna and OVME has introduced a service, piggybacking on technological innovations, that allows its team of highly qualified providers to offer remote consultations with patients. Based on the results of these consultations, patients can then decide on their next step — do they want to pursue any of these services?

At the moment, this would still require a trip to the OVME office. However, Dr. McKenna and his team are working to change this.  The OVME team is working on a unique app that would allow clients to schedule appointments with outstanding providers in their homes or office … at their convenience. This would allow clients to experience even greater privacy and comfort. As with all innovations at OVME, the team is principally focused on making everything a client-driven experience.

Based on his experience in the real estate sector, Dr. McKenna understands that clients have unique needs and preferences. They want these needs to be met — and they will search for the provider or clinic that offers them what they are looking for. His entrepreneurial streak undoubtedly makes him a better doctor.

All of these beliefs that are put into action at OVME are rooted in previous experiences during Dr. McKenna’s career. In addition to his work at McKenna Venture Investments, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, he worked as Life Time Fitness’ national medical director after Life Time Fitness purchased ShapeMed. This prestigious position allowed Dr. McKenna to see what health conscious consumers around the country are looking for in terms of medical and aesthetic services. This insight allows him and his team to successfully gear their offerings at OVME to meet these needs.

Reinventing Elective Healthcare

Even though Dr. McKenna is the face of OVME, there are many other key members of the client-facing OVME team. This includes: an advanced aesthetic nurse, a lead aesthetician, and a patient liaison who works directly with all patients — ensuring that they receive services that always exceed their expectations.

This highly qualified team provides a wide range of services that are focused on both men and women, while recognizing that men and women may have different needs and preferences for medical aesthetician services. Some services are focused on the body. These include: hair removal and medically supervised weight loss programs that are uniquely geared towards a client’s needs. Recognizing the fact that many patients are focused on battling the aging process, Dr. McKenna and his team offer Botox and dermal fillers. They also offer other advanced options, such as: dysport and kybella. The team prides itself on listening to what patients want while also providing insight into what results are medically feasible.

The OVME team also understands that health is comprehensive and multi-faceted. You will not look your best on the outside if you are struggling with health issues. To ensure that a client is as healthy as possible, Dr. McKenna and his team can carry out diagnostic lab work. They also offer Vitamin B-12 shots where appropriate. These shots have been shown to boost energy and help transform people’s lives and health.

Dr. McKenna understands that men may be looking for very different answers and services than OVME’s female clientele. The majority of these services are focused on testosterone replacement. As men age, their testosterone levels may dip dramatically. This decline can cause a wide range of problems, such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss. These problems can significantly negatively impact a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. With its unique service offerings, OVME attempts to address these challenges and get people back to their best quality of life as quickly as possible.

These services all fit into the paradigm of providing innovative and technology-driven healthcare that is simultaneously patient driven in a warm and welcoming environment.  This type of service appeals to everyone. However, it is particularly attractive to discerning customers who are used to getting the best products and services that are available.

As An Entrepreneur and Person

Even though Dr. McKenna and the rest of the OVME team are focused on constant innovation and regular upgrades in the quality of services that patients receive, Dr. McKenna also believes in the old mantra that all work and no play makes for a very dull life. Today, most of his play is focused on spending high quality time with his wife, Gianine, and his daughter, Milana Elle, as well as with his beloved Pomeranian, Ryder. As a medical professional who is Board certified in surgery and medicine, Dr. McKenna also understands the importance of being physically active and building a strong mind-body connection. Every night after sharing a family dinner, Dr. McKenna practices jiu jitsu. This helps him unwind and relax and process what happened during his long work day. Regular meditation also helps him achieves some of his most ambitious goals.

In addition to meditation, jiu jitsu, and a strong family life, Dr. McKenna believes that his success is driven by a variety of other factors. For example, Dr. McKenna prides himself on always surrounding himself with people who he perceives to be smarter than he is — who can bring a unique perspective to business challenges. He also reads widely and incorporates the best ideas from books, such as Think and Grow Rich.

Dr. McKenna remains extremely committed to his local community as well, he actively works to share his time and talent with people who are in need. As part of these community-driven efforts, Dr. McKenna played an active role in helping build affordable housing in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina; these housing efforts made a significant difference in many people’s lives. He has also served on numerous boards, including: the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

If you would like more insight into Dr. McKenna’s values and what drives OVME team success, be sure to follow Dr. McKenna’s Twitter account at: https://twitter.com/drmarkmckenna