Stream Energy Rewards Its Associates with a Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation

Besides earning an income, imagine your company rewarding you with a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. With Stream Energy, this is possible. Not only are you able to run your own business while leveraging the company’s lucrative name, selling its services, and earning income, but those who choose to work hard are rewarded with a vacation. Every year, as a thank you for their ongoing efforts, Stream Energy rewards its Independent Associates in leadership positions with a dream vacation or Streamcation, as the company calls it. Associates that qualify are jetted off to an all-inclusive resort where they can recharge and relax, all paid for by Stream Energy. This year, Independent Associates can look forward to unwinding in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in November.

What Is Stream Energy?

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is a company which provides its services in several states across the U.S. The Dallas-based company predominantly provides energy to these states and has grown to become a revolutionary force in the energy industry. Unlike any other energy provider, Stream Energy provides three forms of energy electric, natural gas, and clean energy (wind, solar, and hydro) to both residential and commercial business customers.

Stream Energy has expanded and now provides customers with other services, including the following:

  • Wireless Services provides customers with an Unlimited Data plan.
  • Protective Services protects Stream Energy customers from various aspects of the digital world. Services include identity theft protection, credit monitoring, roadside assistance, Virtual MD, and technical support.
  • Home Services connects customers’ smart homes to their smartphones so they can stay connected to their home no matter where they are. Customers can then access their home through their phone.
Stream Opportunity

Stream Energy has created a program called the Stream Opportunity, which allows customers to earn rewards and income by selling the company’s services and signing up new customers. By paying a minimal fee, Independent Associates become part of a business that’s already established and lucrative. Independent Associates also receive all the training they need and a website to make their business successful. As Independent Associates sign up more customers, their rank within the Stream Opportunity increases. As an Independent Associate’s rank increases, they unlock various opportunities and rewards, including the Streamcation.

What To Look Forward To At A Streamcation

With the next Streamcation in Montego Bay, Jamaica, right around the corner, Independent Associates can look forward to the following:

  • Time to rest and recharge at a luxury resort. The trip is tailored according to the Independent Associate’s needs. From spa treatments to eating and drinking the finest food and wine, the all-inclusive experience is designed for guests to switch off. Everything is taken care of and paid for by Stream Energy.
  • Awesome company. A great vacation is always made by the people you share it with. Even though business should be the last thing on the Independent Associates’ minds, the Streamcation gives them an opportunity to connect with top leaders and share invaluable business-building tips in a social environment.
  • The most beautiful location. Montego Bay is known for its stunning white sandy beaches, picturesque sunsets, pristine golf courses, and world-class restaurants.
  • Resort credit. To help Independent Associates enjoy their Streamcation and check off a few things on their bucket lists, Stream Energy provides a $750 resort credit for nonstop activities.
Who Is Eligible For A Streamcation?

All Senior Directors (SD) from April 1st onward are eligible to go on the next scheduled Streamcation. An SD is an Independent Associate who has sold services to and signed up a total of 15 pending or active customer points, which unlock various bonuses. An SD also has to personally sponsor two additional directors in their MD organization. Independent Associates who become SDs on or before December 31 will automatically qualify for the Streamcation.

For those Independent Associates who can avail themselves for a Streamcation, it’s definitely worth joining. Previous Streamcations have been held in Cancun and Riviera Maya. The result of hard work by Independent Associates will always pay off through both income and bonus rewards.