Guilherme Paulus Is on a Perpetual Journey Within the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus was a co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC), a prestigious tour operator born with its roots in Santo André, São Paulo. The business went through a transformation as a tiny travel agency founded in 1972 to Latin America’s largest tour operator company. In Brazil, CVC is regarded as a top retail tourism network. The company’s success story is a result of the dedication attributed to Paulus.

A Small Travel Agency Transforms Itself into a Large Tourism Company

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus was born in 1949 in São Paulo. He studied business administration in college and has worked within the tourism industry for approximately 50 years. In 1972, the 24-year-old co-founded CVC with his former business partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Paulus worked hard to ensure that his company would achieve a prominent role in Brazil. He used his natural gifts to create a wide array of travel packages that exceeded the competition. His business has attained recognition as a successful international tourism company.

In 2009, Paulus sought the help of a global investment fund that helped his company attain an even greater measure of success. The business began to trade its shares as a public company on the stock exchange in 2013. Today, CVC earns approximately $5.2 billion per year and continues to increase its profits. The management has plans to open around 100 stores every year.

Enthusiastic Brazilian travelers can find CVC travel agencies located in approximately 400 shopping malls. Plus, consumers in Brazil have access to 140 commercial galleries and hypermarkets. Paulus is determined to introduce his tourism company throughout Latin America with plans to open agencies in less populated cities. He believes in creating new niches wherever opportunities exist. With the help of the Omni Channel concept, CVC is exploring the chance to integrate online vendors with physical travel agencies in an effort to continue his plans to expand.

CVC and Tts Role as a Socially Conscious Innovator

As a socially conscious entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus never wavers from his determination to give back to the local community. CVC is a strong supporter of the PIET project located in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), a charitable organization that trains youngsters to become leaders in the tourism industry. Additionally, CVC sponsors the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism, also referred to as Alfasol – Solidarity Literacy.

In his project, young people have opportunities to join various types of immersion programs within the tourism industry. His ultimate goal is to create a group of new entrepreneurs who are able to make a positive impact in Brazil and Latin America. In addition, CVC has supported the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution in Santo André. The institution helps disadvantaged people by providing free medical care, psychological counseling services and educational opportunities.

Worldwide Recognition Within the Tourism Industry

CVC is regarded as the premier tourism company for Brazil in a number of countries, including South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States, and the biggest tourism operator of Latin America. The renowned tourism company has more than 30 thousand business partners within the tourism industry, including hotels, land and sea carriers and airlines. His efforts to expand have had a positive impact on the economy by providing careers for unemployed people and developing businesses in various localities.

Recipient of Numerous Awards and Honors

Guilherme Paulus has received recognition by governments located in countries throughout the world. He was awarded a special honor by the Government of France in 2012 for his immense contributions within the tourism industry. CVC has been noted by prefectures, including the prefecture of Isla Margarita in Venezuela, Cancun in Mexico, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Bariloche in Argentina and Miami in the United States.

In his own country of Brazil, Paulus has received numerous awards and honorary titles, including the Executive of Valor title awarded by Valor Econômico, the most important newspaper in the country. He has been awarded the title of Personality of the Year by the prestigious magazine Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril. Additionally, Modern Consumer magazine honored Paulus with its Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award. In addition to being a respected entrepreneur and accomplished leader within the tourism industry, Mr. Paulus is a member of the National Tourism Council. He joined the organization in 2003.

An Internationally Acclaimed Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a true visionary who enjoys getting involved in new business ventures, including his acquisition of Webjet. Paulus purchased the airline in 2006. At the time, the airline was so small that it only owned one airplane. He expanded the airline until it became one of the top three airlines in Brazil. With airlines currently located in approximately 20 cities throughout Brazil, Webjet achieved 20 airplanes. In 2011, Paulus sold the successful airline to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA (GOL).

Proud Recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus was a recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His photograph was featured on the cover page of Brazil’s popular Isto é Dinheiro magazine. The cover’s caption mentioned that Paulus was responsible for helping Brazilians conquer a downtrodden economic milieu and infusing the country with entrepreneurs who are growing the tourism industry.

In addition, the editors of the distinguished magazine stated that Guilherme Paulus had invested approximately $600 million into the hotel sector. The article mentioned that Paulus has about 1.9 thousand employees working at his tourist-based locations. Today, Paulus no longer owns the company. He sold the business for approximately $750 million. However, the entrepreneur retained 8 percent ownership in the company he established so many years ago.

Guilherme Paulus is currently the founder and chairman of the GJP group hotel chain. His Wish Resort Golf Convention was recently the recipient of the World Golf Awards 2017 for recognition as the foremost golf hotel located in Brazil. In addition, Paulus has built the first condominium in his GJP group. Isto É magazine presented the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards on December 5, 2017.