Bob Reina – A Lesson in Pursuit of Success

When you’re one of 15 police cars in pursuit of a suspect—weaving in and out of traffic at 120 miles an hour, giving directions on the radio, tracking a helicopter overhead, and watching for other cars—you have to find something to keep you grounded and laser-focused in the moment.


For me, that “something” was a piece of advice, a high-speed chase technique in fact, shared by my former sergeant: “Look where you’re going, not where you are.”


Forget your pumping adrenaline; disregard the flashing lights and blaring sirens—when you’re off to the races, there’s no time or room for distractions or error. It doesn’t matter how much distance is between you and the fugitive; it doesn’t matter how tired you are or how impossible the mission seems. You’ve got to move forward and never break away from the target; look where you’re going, not where you are.


Even after my police officer days were behind me and I had moved on to pursue network marketing—later to become the Founder & CEO of a global video communications and marketing company—Sergeant’s advice has become more relevant than ever. His words have transformed into a multimillion-dollar mantra and lesson, as they are the cornerstones of my greatest successes in entrepreneurship.


I learned that if I wanted to be prosperous, then living in the here-and-now simply wouldn’t cut it. I had to be forward thinking, always. I had to know where I wanted to go, but also be ready to face the unexpected. I needed to envision who I wanted to be in one, five, or twenty years, and never pull my eyes away from the prize.


So instead of racing after the subject in pursuit, I started chasing the dream.


I began by chasing the dream of a fatter wallet: earning extra income by selling nutritional products from home and teaching others to do the same. As soon as my business started picking up a steady rhythm, nothing was going to stop me or slow me down—not even the people who told me I’d eventually burn out and my success would plateau, or those who rejected me, or the ones who told me I’d never make it. After all, my phone bill was oftentimes larger than my commission check, so for those who couldn’t see the forest through the trees, the odds of me “making it” were slim to none.


Their words never shook me, though, and the easy distractions of life—TV, an extra hour or two of sleep, downtime—never got the best of me, either, because I had a clear vision of where I was going.


Lesson is, if you continue to focus on what’s in the rear-view, or who is honking their horn beside you, then you’re going to miss out on what’s most important: what is in front of you.


By looking ahead, however, you can foresee the obstacles on the horizon, find ways to navigate them better, and—most importantly—get ahead of the pack. What is no one else doing or willing to do? Do it. Where is there a gap in the industry and how can I fix it, fill it, and profit from it? Invent it. Where are the masses going and how can I get there first? Manifest it. What sort of improvements can I make to this product, this pitch, this strategy, or this idea to bring it to new heights? Get to work.


It’s one thing to hear advice; it’s another thing to truly embody the words and their power.


I learned early on that waiting for the getaway car to slow down, peel out, or turn around and come to me was just a losing game. A professional’s strength is measured by their grit and their determination to keep charging ahead, regardless of fear, of doubt, of rejection, of exhaustion, of distraction or the like. Those things will always be there, but opportunity won’t.


So no matter what life or your career throws at you, step on the gas and stay on high alert. You have to move swiftly, react quickly, and keep charging ahead. Just remember: look where you’re going, not where you are.



About Bob Reina

An entrepreneur, media personality and the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is well known for his innovative video marketing solutions. In addition to identifying a need and filling it in the email and video marketing industries, Reina has held diverse roles. He previously served as a police officer in Florida and has starred in innumerable online media productions.

Bob Reina was born and raised in Florida. He attended the University of South Florida and graduated at the top of his class in the police academy. Reina then worked as a police officer with the Tampa Bay Police Department. He was introduced to the field of network marketing in 1990 when he worked part-time as an associate while simultaneously serving on the police force.

Mr. Reina’s entrepreneurial vision was ignited in 2004 when he wanted to send a video via email to his mother. He learned that the technology was not yet there to allow him to do this, so he set out to build a new way to accomplish it with the help of a friend who was technologically savvy. Mr. Reina then took a leap of faith to fill the niche that he had identified. He left his career as a police officer behind and used his knowledge and skill in network marketing and in video technology to found Talk Fusion. The company opened its doors in 2007 and has grown exponentially in the years since.

Under Mr. Reina’s leadership, Talk Fusion has grown to have customers in more than 140 countries, and his products are available in many different languages. Reina offers a variety of video products, including video chat, video email, live meetings and much more.

Reina strongly believes in the importance of charity. He and Talk Fusion have devoted time and money to charitable causes around the world. The idea of giving back has been entrenched in the fabric of Talk Fusion’s corporate culture. Reina made a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, breaking records. He has also provided support to an orphanage in Indonesia and has encouraged further giving by the associates who work at his company. Every associate at Talk Fusion is able to offer a free account to the charity of his or her choice, allowing the company and its employees to help many nonprofits to improve the well-being of everyone.

Reina has appeared in more than 100 Youtube videos in which he offers his motivation and insight to others. Along with Talk Fusion, Reina has helped the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan. His work with the SPCA of Florida has helped to protect the welfare of countless animals in the state.

Bob Reina has established himself as the face of Talk Fusion and has earned international recognition as an innovator and consummate professional. He is widely respected for his work as well as his dedication to giving back.